“He just won’t listen to me” 

“We don’t connect with each other anymore” 

“My moods, I just can’t deal with them” 

“The school is sending reports of difficulty focusing” 

These are just some of the opening comments we hear in practice today.  Everyone has struggles, everyone has a history, and everyone has strengths.  Strengths?  Yes, strength!  Sometimes life gets us down, maybe even to the point that we start withdrawing from it or stop being able to get out of bed.  Sometimes life gets us so revved up that we can’t sit still or focus on anything, maybe even to where we have difficulty catching our breaths or stopping the shaking.  Sometimes life situations happen to us that we can’t process on our own, or that cause us to need to reach out for support.  And sometimes we need encouragement and some additional skills to help us draw on our own inner strengths that we already possess.

Have hope – you can feel better, feel more in control, feel more able to deal with everyday life stressors, past abuses or baggage, and relationship issues!  You can learn and implement more productive communication, organizational, anger management, and connecting skills!  You can gain support, ideas, and knowledge to help make those difficult decisions, to understand and process the difficult situations and baggage, and to feel safe and empowered while trying to work on yourself and on your goals.

Therapy can help with so many things, including:

  • Identifying, setting, and achieving personal and professional goals
  • Feeling supported, liked, and empowered in a safe environment
  • Learning and implementing skills associated with communicating and connecting better with yourself, your partner, your children, and your friends/family/work networks
  • Learning and implementing skills associated with mood swings, Depression, Anxiety, low self-worth, Anger, Trauma, and coping issues

At Strength In Me Counseling, we seek to aid you in becoming empowered and feeling better – our mission is to help Empower, to Strengthen, and to Heal!

We are experienced in working with a diverse clientele dealing with a multitude of different circumstances and diagnoses.  We offer:

  • Individual counseling for ages 0-65+
  • Couples counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Play Therapy

Call or email now, 410-645-0738, Kate.emersonlcswc@gmail.com, to set up an appointment with one of our experienced clinicians who truly care about you and about their work.  * Please Note: Email is the best route to set up an appointment for a quicker response time due to client volume.